Install Icinga on Ubuntu 10.04


How to install Icinga on ubuntu 10.04 (lucid) with Icinga-Web, Icinga-API, IDOUtils, NConf.

You should note that these are the steps I have taken to get icinga working with icinga-web, nconf, and idoutils. There may be redundancy (for example you can view both the icinga classic and web interfaces), or unnecessary steps. If you notice anything wrong, please let me know and I will update the post accordingly.

Install dependencies:
Create icinga user:
Create icinga-cmd group:
Download Icinga:
Configure, Compile, Install Icinga:
Install sample configuration files:
Copy sample IDOUtils config files to the installation:
Enable idomod event broker:
Uncomment the line beginning with broker_module (under the line # Uncomment this to enable idomod.o)

Create IDOUtils Database:
Import database schema:
Edit the IDOUtils config file and ensure the following:
Configure web interface and web admin user account:
Remember the password you specify for icingaadmin, you'll need it later to log in to the icinga.
Download and install Nagios plugins:
NOTE: The option --with-openssl can be left out if you aren't going to monitor any ssl web services.

Add Icinga and IDOUtils to startup services:
Verify Icinga installation:
There should be no errors!
Start Icinga and IDOUtils
Make sure you can logon to http://<server_address>/icinga using the password you previously created for icingaadmin.

Download and install NConf:
Configure Apache for NConf:
Paste in the following:
Create NConf database:
NConf web configuration:
Go to http://<icinga_address>/nconf/INSTALL.php

DBNAME: nconf
DBUSER: nconf
DBPASS: <password>
NAGIOS_BIN: /usr/local/icinga/bin/icinga

Before you click Finish, remove INSTALL and UPDATE files and directories:
Now click Finish.

Give NConf access to icinga:
Configure icinga.cfg to include NConf config files:
Comment out all lines that start with cfg_file= and add:
Customise the NConf deployment script to deploy config files to cfg_dirs:
Make it look like this:
Make it executable:
Add to crontab to run every 10 minutes:
Enable Icinga Email Notifications:
This tripped me up for a while, it seems that NConf disables notifications by default. Here's how to enable them:

Fix email command:


Click on Misccommands - Show


Change /bin/mail to /usr/bin/mail for both commands.

Fix user options:

Contacts - Show - nagiosadmin

Delete the ', n' at the end of host and service notification options. 'n' overrides all other options and disables notification for the contact (the NConf default).

Install Icinga API
Create icinga_web database:
Install icinga-web:
PHP dependencies:
Apache settings:
Icinga-web default login is root/password.


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